A Short Course on QKD

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to quantum key distribution (QKD), covering fundamental concepts, practical considerations, and the latest developments in the field.

Data Protection with Quantum

delivering a quantum-safe, malware-resistant computing and networking architecture

Protect Data in Transit

Encrypt the data with secure keys established via quantum key distribution.

Protect Data at Rest

Store the encrypted data in quantum-guarded storage devices.

Protect Data in Use

Decrypt, view and process the data in private computing space.

Are you viewing your sensitive data on Internet-connected devices?

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Quantum-safe data protection solutions
Malware-resistant computing & networking architectures
Quantum key distribution system security evaluation & acceptance testing

Quantum engineering laboratory setup & training

Are you relying on public keys to secure your sensitive data sent over the Internet?

A Short Course on QKD

With no assumed physics background required, the objective is to equip organization leaders and senior executives with a solid understanding of this emerging technology. By the end of this course, you will have gained a deep appreciation of the potential of QKD to enhance the security of data transmission, and be well-positioned to explore its potential applications in your own organization.

Day 1

The importance of secure key distribution
Be quantum safe
Concepts and principles behind QKD
Quantum random number generation

Day 2

QKD protocols
QKD implementations
Key management
QKD networks

Day 3

QKD side-channel vulnerabilities
Security evaluation and acceptance testing
Standards and certification
Latest trends and outlook

We help you harness the power of quantum to protect your sensitive data.

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